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Annasaheb Patil Loan Scheme

Annasaheb Patil Loan Scheme: Empowering Maratha Community Businesses

The Annasaheb Patil Loan Scheme is a financial initiative by the Government of Maharashtra, specifically targeted towards the economic upliftment of the Maratha community in the state. Implemented through the Annasaheb Patil Arthik Magas विकास Mahamandal (Economic Development Corporation) [Marathi for Development Corporation], the scheme provides loans to Maratha individuals for establishing or expanding their businesses.

Scheme Objectives

The Annasaheb Patil Loan Scheme aims to:

  • Empower economically backward Maratha youth: By providing access to capital, the scheme enables young people to become self-employed and financially independent.
  • Create employment and self-employment opportunities: Encouraging entrepreneurship fosters job creation within the Maratha community.
  • Promote overall economic development of the Maratha community: By supporting businesses, the scheme contributes to the financial progress of the community as a whole.

Loan Benefits

  • Subsidy on interest: The scheme offers a subsidy on the interest rate for loans up to a specific amount. This significantly reduces the financial burden on borrowers.
  • Competitive interest rates: Even for loans exceeding the subsidized amount, the scheme ensures competitive interest rates compared to market offerings.
  • Support for various business types: The scheme caters to a broad range of businesses, from small ventures to larger enterprises.


While the specific eligibility criteria may be subject to change, the scheme generally targets Maratha individuals who:

  • Are domiciled residents of Maharashtra.
  • Belong to an economically backward category.
  • Have a viable business plan.

Application Process

The application process typically involves:

  • Registering with the Annasaheb Patil Arthik Magas विकास Mahamandal.
  • Submitting a detailed business plan.
  • Completing the required application form and submitting necessary documents.

It’s important to note that the application process may vary. It’s advisable to refer to the official website of the Annasaheb Patil Arthik Magas विकास Mahamandal for the latest information on eligibility, application procedures, and interest rates.


The Annasaheb Patil Loan Scheme serves as a valuable resource for Maratha individuals seeking to establish or expand their businesses. By providing financial assistance and promoting entrepreneurship, the scheme contributes to the economic empowerment of the Maratha community in Maharashtra.

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